Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top 10 things I should of done with my $100 prize money.

I won something!

My silly $100...this is how I should of spent you.

1. Hire a babysitter so I can make out with my husband in the back of the movie theater like a giddy teenager.

2. Get an hour long massage from a swedish hunk who would never touch me for any other reason.

3. Buy underwear that I will not be embarrassed of if God forbid I was in an accident.

4. Dinner out...with wine...outside.

5. One of those spa packages, where one woman works on my toes, the other - hands and third - massaging my shoulders.

6. Buy a new hammock. Use it. Often.

7. Put it away for my retirement in french countryside.

8. Buy a dress that is unpractical and will make me feel anything but mom like.  

9. Get a haircut at a place where everyone speaks with an accent and massage your head for 20 minutes.

10. Bed sheets with a thread count higher than my New York rent.

Instead, I am planning to buy my dream Aden + Anais winter baby blanket (have you felt those things?) and blow the rest on silly things that will make my daughter's eyes light up. Yes indeed, I am a mother.