Monday, November 16, 2009


This entry is an open invitation to anyone from Pixar Animation to come for a drink to my house at anytime that they desire. You see, I saw "Up" this weekend and the pleasure of returning to my childhood for spectacular 90 minutes of brilliant story telling was priceless. Drink is the least that I can do. I can't wait to see my daughter's eyes light "Up" when she sees this masterpiece in the years to come. Thank you Pixar and in the honor of the main grouchy character of the film here is... "top 10 things that annoy me".

1. Commercials with people who are overly excited about their cleaning products or the general idea of "cleaning".
2. Women who ask "How old do you think I am?"
3. New Yorkers who eat fried Chicken or anything that has a bone in it on a subway.
4. Any piece of written word that ends in "xoxo".
5. Men who wear gold jewelry of any kind with an exception of a wedding band.
6. People who snap their fingers at waiters and/or tip below 20%.
7. Itchy clothing labels.
8. Conversations about weather.
9. Lipstick on the white coffee mug at a diner. Extra annoyance points if it's not mine and 1980s "pink".
10. Mariah Carey.

P.S. I apologize to both of my readers for not writing for a while. If you would like to protest my silence and tell me to get off my ass and write more often...feel free to do so for it will inspire me greatly.:)


  1. OK, get off your *ss and please post at least every other day. You could stick with the Top 10 Things That Annoy you as I am sure there are a new 10 every day or so!

  2. You are a riot!
    When U gonna make a Comedy flick?

  3. My dear, I consider "Deeper than Y" a comedy...You know the kind where people point and laugh and ask "You call this filmmaking?"
    To purchase the film, please got to


  4. More please! Your top 10`s really give me a laugh when I read them and a little adult humor is much needed since I am an at home mom of a 6 month old ... not that blowing spit bubbles all day isn`t funny.

    Mommy from IAP

  5. I love your blog!
    Here are the Top 10 that annoy me:

    1. Muffin Tops. (no not the food) When women wear their jeans a couple sizes too small.. hello, it would be much more comfortable to buy the bigger size. I sometimes think I'm still a size 4, but who am I kidding? Yes.. I buy 8 jeans now.. :(
    2. Tabloids. I could honestly care less who is pregnant or who cheated on who. I don't really care about who the worst dressed celeb was at the Grammys. But do I read them? Sadly... yes i do.
    3. Cougars (not the animal) What do immature BOYS want with women approaching menopause? ew..
    4. Twitter
    5. Junk mail.. I don't care if I'm pre-approved for your credit card at 46.8% annual interest.
    6. Twilight fans. I do like the movies but the fans are a little crazy.
    7. Spandex. 'nuff said.
    8. 14-year-olds who want to be pregnant. Babies aren't the new puppy.
    9. Texters. I'm talking about the ones with their fingers glued to their cell phone all.the.time. In the car, at work, at the theatre..
    10. Mariah Carey