Friday, January 8, 2010


1. "Dog whisperer" should be referenced often, especially the part of being the "pack leader".
2. Keep things educational. Instead of saying "Don't lick the door", say "Don't lick that RED door that is shaped like a RECTANGLE".
3. Don't worry about milestones. Very few adults still wear pampers and suck on their thumbs.
4. Leave negotiating for the movies with bad plots. To get results, see #1.
5. Stop taking 5000 pictures of your kid. Put your camera down for a moment. Capture the moment in your mind: the way she smells, the light in her eyes, the pure goodness of it all. THAT is the place you will go to when you are 100 years old and peacefully dying in your sleep.
6. Remember how good it felt when your parents said "Good job. I am proud of you". neither. So, do it for YOUR kid and do it often.
7. Be really good to her nanny, her daycare, her neighbors. They all have a part in NOT making her a serial killer one day.
8. Create a world with your kid that is purely yours, the language that only two of you speak, the story that you imagined together. That is her real comfort blanket.
9. Stop worrying about crayon marks on your wall, cheerios  all over the floor and poop in your hair. One day you will nostalgically smile thinking of all those things.
10. Be just a little bit silly. After all you just got a green light to relive your childhood.


  1. Love it. Esp the camera thing…we spend so much time trying to capture the moment that we actually miss out on experiencing the moment. As for the crayon on the wall, may I give a shout out to the Mr Clean Magic Eraser – it has saved my sanity!

  2. awww, how i missed you. thanks for reminding me about #3. i've been a little stressed about the bottle issue.

  3. I was in total agreement until "poop in your hair." Your toddler trainer is adorable!

  4. Yeah your back, was wondering how you were doing. Good always! You make me laugh and think at the same time ..nostalgie.

  5. I just have to say that I absolutely love your blog. You say the things all of us mothers are thinking, but won't say. Kudos to you and thank you for brightening my day.

  6. Hehehe,you crazy woman you. Loved this one & like everyone else, I wondered if motherhood made you head for the hills lol. See ya on IAP

  7. Thank you! Your words always help

  8. My favoriote is #10, cuz anyone who knows me, knows I live that rule...every waking moment LOL

    Cheers for a GREAT list!

  9. #7 - It certainly does take a village. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to keeping up with this as I start my new chapter of no sleep and poop in my hair.