Friday, July 24, 2009


After watching "16 and pregnant" reunion on MTV last night, I imagined all kinds of rebelling teenage girls with boy-friends who are just "too big" for condoms, say to their parents "See, it's not so bad" and here is why:

1. Dr. Drew (host of the show) was creepy in every possible way and looked like someone's uncle with teenage porn collection.
2. 90 minutes of out of my ass awkwardness felt like glorified sex ed class.
3. ALL the girls from the show looked better than BEFORE they gave birth.
4. ALL the girls from the show were still with their boyfriends. Yes, because THAT happens all the time.
5. 2 of them were engaged and one was MARRIED.
6. One that had no boy-friend in the picture looked great and had a mother who I am sure gets up with the kid in the middle of the night. How else would she look this good?
7. One girl actually proclaimed that having a baby at 16 made her try harder and get her career off the ground faster.
8. They all cooed about how deliciously cute their babies are.
9. One of them mentioned that she had a fantastic time at her PROM while being 9 months pregnant.
10. By the end of the show, I was actually feeling sorry for the couple of 16 year olds that gave their baby up for an adoption, because they were not in on all the "I had a baby at 16" delirious fun.

Next time MTV, get it right. All you have to say to a teenager is "You will never sleep soundly or pass 7am ever again". THAT should make them get a condom.:)


  1. I don't think having a baby should be glamourized ever. whether 16 ot 26 or 36. it's a huge responsibility and blessing.

  2. wow - I didn't watch any of that show before or after. that's crazy! I had a baby at 18 and it was such a struggle even though I was already out of HS and in college. luckily I had a great support system around me or else I never would've made it. I can't imagine glorifying teen pregnancy in any way - they should just be honest and be real and tell the cold-hard facts. it's a lot of work (true in the end, it's a blessing and a gift) but it's a helluva lotta work that nobody can truly tell you about until you're living it!

  3. They should did miss the mark with the show. It should have definitely shown young girls that it's not easy. Pretty much told 16 yr olds to go out and GET pregnancy. ugh.