Friday, September 11, 2009


1. The first 10 minutes are always the best, because no matter who you are, you watch in horror and think to yourself "Thank God, these are NOT my kids", "Thank God I never had kids" or "Do they have death penalty in that state just in case I accidently kill those kids?"

2. 15 minutes into the show you are crying like a baby with their mother, who looks like she hasn't showered or looked in the mirror since the last one was conceived.

3. My strong opinion is that kids quiet down and listen to Joe (I can't believe I know her name), because they have no idea what she is actually saying and it's like trying to break a secret pirate's code for them, for which you have to be very, very quiet.

4. I love little cute charts Joe creates, but I always wonder how a mother who hasn't had time to pee in the last 3 years will find the time to create those in 167 different colors.

5. You really understand the term "outnumbered" when 2 parents try to chase down 3 kids over and over again to CARRY them to bed. Like a dying seagull, they desperately spread their arms in attempt of covering much needed territory and catching at least one followed shortly by falling flat on their face.

6. Memo to my growing up daughter who is reading this top 10 list - if you ever say "you are a bitch" to me, you will be send to live with your distant relatives in Siberia...and there will be no second or first warning.

7. I don't think there is anything more frustrating in this world than a kid sliding out of your arms like an oiled up noodle while screaming on top of their lungs and kicking you at the same time.

8. I wonder if she ever uses the term "naughty chair" outside the show. Ew, no, I really don't.

9. I love parents who announce on the show that they are pregnant...again. People, you are on "Supernanny" show. It's time to take a break and figure out the first 6 kids you had back to back. It's like announcing on Jerry Springer show that you are moving deeper in the mountains of Kentucky. And when do you have time to have sex anyways?

10. Something tells me I will be on that show one day.


  1. That cracked me up!!!!....Love the show and often wondered the same things!!!.....

  2. I loved number 6!!! LMAO, same will apply to Emma, lol.

    Karina (IAP)

  3. You're hilarious :). If I were ever in that show I'd have to delete my blog first :(

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  5. omg check out all of my spelling mistakes in my last comment!! i'm holding a 3 month old baby and typing so stop laughing at me :-) lol

  6. Haha I laugh all the way but #3 was the funniest for me. HappyMere.
    Is it only me or other husbands won't watch that show?

  7. ...for which you have to be vewy vewy quiet.. like that wascally wabbit! ha!

    That part made me think of elmer fudd..!