Tuesday, June 9, 2009


1. My body was going to shit as it is, pregnancy just gave it a little push.
2. Instead of losing it completely for the first 6 weeks of babyhood in my 20s, I only had a few complete nervous breakdowns in my 30s.
3. I had 10 years to make sure that my husband will make a decent father and not leave me with a colicy baby to do shots at a local "Hooters" 
4. I stopped wishing of being a celebrity, model or a rich heiress and was happy just being healthy and loved. 
5. By 30s everything that needed to be, was out of my system.
6. I never wanted to be my daughter's "best girlfriend" Lindsay Lohan style. 
7. I appreciate the miracle of having healthy turkey ball of a child so much more and therefore welcome the work that comes with it.
8. I will never be able to nag my daughter with "When I was your age.." because I will simply not remember.
9. Flirting with her future boyfriends would be over the top disgusting, especially since she will start dating at 30.
10. When I pick her up from school in the future, parents will whisper "Her grandmother surely IS hot".


  1. i totally agree with #3. It helped to married 9 years before the addition of a bad bad bad baby.

  2. According to my daughter, she was always assured victory when the school yard contest turned to "who's got the oldest mom?" I think I was horrified when my daughter first told me that story, but I can't remember any more.

  3. haha pretty good especially #8 and 9...the last one (#10) is on my mine sometimes...hope it doesn't happen.
    Happymere, 37 years and my first child but been 13 years with the same men. :)

  4. I wasn't an older mom, but this list is perfect. And my body went to shit at the age of 28, does that count?

    I love your whole blog around lists-- great idea!

  5. You're a trip. #8 is my favorite and I have a feeling you'll be just fine, flirting with her boyfriends. You'll be peaking right around then, no?