Thursday, May 21, 2009


1. Unlimited use of my Tuscany like backyard.
2. Generous complimenting on your baby weight loss and overall appearance.
3. Cold beer upon your arrival.
4. Support for the moments that you want to return your kid back to the hospital.
5. Babysitting, when you need alone time with your man or yourself.
6. Luck of judgement on your parenting style.
7. Unlimited amount of harmless gossip.
8. Free swimming lessons. (Believe me, I AM the best.)
9. Access to 8263487236 toys that my daughter has.
10. Assurance that I am more clueless than you are about this whole parenting thing.


  1. dang - that's an awesome and generous list. I may have to work on my skills so I can be your BFF.

  2. 1-I like
    2-In my opinion it's way to early to complimente a baby on weight loss...It's even weird. Overall appearence...I have enough of my family superficial value on the importance of *good looking*..So for me it's a big turn off.
    3-Umm my husband will probably rather take this deal.
    4-Doesn't concern me at all
    5-I guess maybe in a couple of year :)
    6-Feel free to your opinion
    7-sorry again not into gossiping..I guess I lack of being a girly girl (always did)
    9-Great, I have as many...But I just decide to stop buying as Ithink that giving too much at the end they don't appreciate anything anymore and that is the worst present of life when your not happy anymore when receiving a gift. So just birthyday, Christmas, easter ect.
    10-not important

    You seem like a good girl, i hope you find a bbf.
    I don't seem to have all the same values unfortunately. :-) Good luck!!

  3. Well, I have not received my information packet in the mail yet so I can only assume, due to the high number of applicants, your job is harder than you first anticipated. Oh, I like using big words! LOL. So anyway, I am just letting you know I am still interested in the position. I feel I would be a good candidate for this job because my children are all old enough to babysit so why should either of us sit home! And, according to your promises, I see you did not list "chocolate"? I am sure this was a typo and you just forgot. Please let me know once you have finished reviewing all applicants whether I fit your profile of a "smart-alic, beer-drinking, gossiping, non-kid song singing, chocolate eating" BFF!

  4. Klay Kisses, your persistence brought me to tears...:) You are officially my new mom BFF. So...what do we do now?:)

  5. So totally awesome!!! I so knew you would pick me! See, we already see perfection in each other! LOL. I just knew it. I am drinking a cold one right now in celebration! Cheers~

  6. Hahaha Play Kisses well played! Congratulation!
    Ching ching to you two!

  7. ouups forget my signature Happymere ;)