Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1. He never made fun of me for screaming in bloody murder at night terrorised by my imagination. Instead, he calmly checked every corner of my room for 3 headed monsters.

2. He taught me how to appreciate jazz and didn't kill me when I decided to use his priceless record collection as a sliding floor toy.

3. He has unspeakable warm light in his eyes. The same light that I find in my husband's eyes.

4. He confesses love for my mother daily and makes me nausiated with his talks of her "hotness". Once he promised me that he will drink himself to death if anything ever happened to her. He is so dramatically Russian.

5. When I left for America, he kept photo album of my pictures under his pillow and looked at them nightly to wish me good night..

6. He is never afraid to cry if he is moved by something.

7. He repeatedly makes a complete ass out of himself just to hear me crack up.

8. He makes the best steak that I have ever tasted.

9. He invented a phrase "There are no ugly women. There are just men without imagination". Sadly, he often said it to me.:)

10. He wears suspenders and misses two front teeth.


  1. Wow, you have a very lovely father! I had to deal alone for my monsters. I admire my dad also but for different reason (hard working, moralist, just, have a good heart even though he is not emotional).
    I do wish he told me once in a while that I was pretty (even if it wasn't true) and I do wish he spend more time with us instead of giving us money. Happymere

  2. Oh, how sweet. I used to love it when my dad wandered around the house calling my sister's name when she left for college. Mom told me after we left he would call all four of our names and she wasn't as amused as I was.

  3. you made me tear up! you are lucky, I know my dad loves me but I cannot remember a single time when he actually told me so, I don't blame him is just the way he was raised, I can tell that my husband will not be nothing like that, my baby is so lucky to have him.

  4. Just stumbled on your blog, and this post alone sold me. Just beautiful!