Monday, May 11, 2009

TOP 10 THINGS THAT PARENTING MAGAZINES SUGGEST THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE TO ME (there goes my dream job of writing for one of them:))

1. "Make sure that you develop interests and hobbies outside of being a parent"
2. "Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night"
3. "To feel better, get some kind of exercise every day"
4. "Find time to be romantic with your husband"
5. "You can purchase this beautiful onesie for ONLY $78"
6. "When you are with your kid all day, make sure that TV is NOT playing in the background"
7. "Here is an easy way to apply 764 make up tips"
8. "To give your hair volume ALL you have to do is...wash it, divide it into sections, blow dry it, set it in hot rollers and then finish it by teasing your hair and spraying it"
9. "Sleep when your baby sleeps". Well, that would be NEVER.
10. "Love your naked body". Forget "loving it". I am still trying to not cry when I look in the mirror before my weekly shower.


  1. oh thank goodness. I though I was the only one that felt like a failure because I can't afford a $78 onesie and my hair doesn't have any volume.

  2. I love number 9. That is so true!

  3. I agree! The $78 onsie and the hair...and sleeping HA HA what is that

  4. I'm totally with you on this top 10!
    But,I love number 9.Sleep? =)