Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Since I live in NYC and walk constantly, the search for the perfect stroller has been not an easy one. So far I've had 5 strollers. The first one was the longest lived and a perfect shower gift from my dearest friend Cat. It was Kolcraft Contours options 4 wheeler and a dream stroller for a newborn. I still tear up thinking about it, but after I almost broke myself in a half dragging it down the subway stairs, it was time to sell. Since then our house went through a parade of strollers, each one RIP in the basement due to the lack of some very important feature. So, here is the list to accommodate my impossible fancy.

1. Light weight, preferably 8 pounds or less, like my new obsession and my next purchase MacLaren Volo 2009. (maybe they will send me a free one for mentioning it to my 5 readers):)
2. 5 point safety harness.
3. One hand fold.
4. Height adjustment handles due to my freakish height of 6'2".
5. Big, easy access basket for all the possible crap my kid might need on a 8 hour walk around the city. Yes, including a bath.:)
6. Good sun and rain coverage.
7. Beer...I mean a cup holder.
8. Shock absorbing wheels. This is New York people.
9. Reclining seat for her naps and my sanity.
10. Overall appearance that creates an instant jealousy in other parents.


  1. wouldn't it be awesome to find one the dispensed beer.

  2. what about a bugaboo carriage? oh, they are like 8 million $$ huh? BUGABOO!!!

  3. Mine has ALL that!!! It's the Peg Perego Aria stroller in Mocha. I LOVE IT!!!

  4. 1. SIX readers. I'm reading now. They'll have to send you one now.

    3. Since I have two toddlers, I always have at least one on my hip. One-hand everything is a must.

    5. Add to that all the crap a mom will need: french press/whole bean coffee/grinder, Costco-sized prescription bottle of Valium/Prozac, jug of red wine...

    7. It's beer. Or red wine (see above). Just say it. It's okay... we understand.

    Seriously, though... how do you do this top ten list thing over and over and over again?! I just did my first (Top Ten Toddler Tattoos) and wanted to change my mind at about number three...

  5. I have 2 stroller ..one that is light with no cup holder :(..and one that is very heavy (graco) with 4 cups holder :)


  6. Seriously, I have one stroller that I love that has tons of space for stuff, cup holders, etc. but it weighs 90 lbs and barely folds with two hands. I have another one that is lightweight and adorable but the basket is small and there are no cup holders. Blah. I live in NYC too btw.