Monday, April 27, 2009


1. Belt is not there just to hold people's pants up.
2. Food choices are for people who pay for food. Kids eat what they are given.
3. Interrupting adult conversation can provide proof for #1 on my list.
4. Lack of toys creates imagination.
5. Bedtime is not negotiable, unless it's bar night.
6. Playing outside all day helps a child "sleep through the night".
7. Talking back at your parents can very possibly be your last words.
8. Unless you are unconscious or holding your brain in your hands, reporting home from outside is not necessary.
9. Tea, raspberry jam and vodka = Children's Tylenol.
10. No one should see their father in a speedo.


  1. Excellent start, but there are many more. Like how it’s perfectly ok to leave a stroller outside a shop while you browse. For that matter, how many pubs have play areas for the kids outside (unsupervised, of course). Or what you didn’t finish at dinner became breakfast. My personal experience was not knowing that there were different types of steak until I was 18.

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