Monday, April 13, 2009


1. "I am tired."
2." I know how you feel. My dog is a bad sleeper too"
3. " Are you going for the natural look these days?"
4. "You know what you should do..."
5. " I've been to Paris 3 times this year. It's just getting old"
6. "My stomach is so big"
7. "You never call me anymore"
8. "I was bored all weekend"
9. "You know when you kind of off because you slept TOO much?"
10. "Shouldn't she now?"


  1. This is great! Especially numbers 1 and 10. I can't stand it when my friends without kids tell me they're tired and only got 4-6 hours of stright sleep - I would kill for that!

  2. A therapist once told me to "just come to Manhattan. She can just nap on the couch while we chat." Ooh and she also said she had a dog named Lily...

  3. You should be so happy to have a child, they bring so much joy, but you seem kind of depressed. You know people would kill to be in your shoes. Also, you look really tired. DUH- you think!

  4. I don't even accept "I am tired" from hubby - he doesn't get up for her at night!

  5. Sure, I'm not Abu Ghraib tired like you with the kids, but I am tired. Can't help but say it. Sorry.

  6. #10 is the worst even by other parents. or my crazy grandmother. It's been 50+ years since you had a baby. lay off!

  7. Kitty,

    I am not underestimating pre baby tired. God knows I was tired ALL the time pre baby. It's just that now that I have a kid, pre baby "tired" seems like a non-stop vacation.:)

  8. I'm no-baby tired. Tired because I have sleep apnea. Tired because I have a intense job that I'm frightened of losing because I also support my parents. Tired because I try to solve all my friends problems. Tired because the teens downstairs love to fight at 3am. I'm old and tired. I'm Blazing Saddles tired. I totally understand that baby-tired is a bizarre, twilight zone, madness-inducing tired. My original comment was an apology for being one of those non-parents who say, "I am tired."

  9. "Awwww.....its so cwute you still have an ickle bump.....your baby rests on it so well!!"

    "You seem really stressed"

    "How come you never drink anymore?"

    "Maybe one day you'll get your figure should try doing lots of sit there nothing you can do about the loose skin? least you can wear big tops and cover it up"

    "You only breastfed for 2 sister/aunt/mum/best friend did it for 2 wonder she got her figure back"

    "You really only have sex twice a week?"

  10. Love your lists. I have included your post in my Mommy Inspired Blog Carnival.