Thursday, April 23, 2009

TOP 10 WAYS TO CALM A CRYING BABY (colic or not). Please feel free to add!

1. Very tight swaddle in a great BIG blanket. I swear by Aden+Anais (see the picture). Go to
2. Take them outside for some fresh air.
3. Repeated monotone singing, ocean waves, rain sounds, heartbeat or repeated sound of your head banging against the wall.
4. Gripe water and/or Myson Drops.
5. Vodka and earplugs...for you.
6. Driving or walking with a sling with a swaddled kid in it.
7. Making everything that touches their skin 100% cotton.
8. Any kind of sucking.
9. Having a night nurse (Brad and Angelina style) and then removing yourself in the room #543 of your 3rd mansion. I am not hating. Brad, if you ever in town, let's have a playdate (I mean us):)
10. Swing! Swing! Swing!


  1. The night before last night my 16 month old would not go to bed or stop crying. I took him outside, held him in a cradle position, and sang to him. In between songs I pointed out the moon, the trees, the clouds... Really helped calm him down. Sometimes you just have to stop what is happening and get them happy again, not hyped though!

  2. there was an infantino sling that was recently recalled (the black one). They say that babies that can get their hands to midline are better able to self regulate than others; I can't stand that swaddle blanket that is like a straight jacket with their little arms to the sides...not as helpful neurologically as when their hands are together...

  3. You are absolutely right and thank you for bringing it to my attention. The sling IS recalled and here is the link proving it: This just shows you that I know nothing.:)

  4. one word: carseat! as soon as my son gets in his carseat for a walk or a car ride hes out like a light...and saying "SHHHH" in his ear while bouncing him on my shoulder (like the burping position) helps a ton