Monday, April 20, 2009

TOP 10 WAYS I ALREADY F***ED UP AS MOTHER (my daughter is only 9 months old)

1. All I heard was...BOOM!
2. Sleep training - on, sleep training - off, sleep training - on.
3. Baby "Tylenol"...just to finish watching "Lost". Did you SEE Sawyer?
4. Diaper backwards - check!
5. Let her discover the texture of sand, dog's hair balls and garbage can.
6. Cried in sheer frustration of complete loss of control at 4am, 7am, 12pm, 3pm...
7. Cereal in the bottle. People really feed that with a spoon?
8. Went from page 3 to page 7 while reading her a book. She doesn't know.
9. Put her in daycare for a day just to "reintroduce" myself to my husband.
10. Made her completely gender confused by despising pink and everything "princess" like.:)


  1. These were funny, I know some parents that do ALOT worse I am sure you are a great mommy and everyone has done number 6, 8, 4, and many others lol

  2. My mother said she left me in the driveway in my carrier and drove off. No word if it was raining or not. My parents also lost me a zoo when I was about five. I found my way back to the car (in a makeshift car park, AKA a huge field). I still think this was on purpose because they looked surprised, not relieved, when they found me at the car.

  3. How about this"

    I yell at my son for being naughty, then hug him and kiss him when he cries for getting in trouble. I can't help it! I hate to see him so sad!!!!

  4. OHHHHH nevermind I now get why you don't like baby headbands. lol ie #10

    Anyway I love your posts, I just love baby headbands and girly pink princess everything for my daughter. lol

  5. Having your child wander to the backyard, not know he's there, then scream frantically for 15 minutes only to be too loud to hear him screaming frantically back, but unable to open the back door. Check.

    Oh-and for Sawyer, anything ;)