Thursday, April 30, 2009

TOP 10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOUR FATHER, whoever he might be.:)

1. The way he loves you.
2. The way he smiles with his eyes alone.
3. His never-ending and overwhelming kindness.
4. The way he crosses his feet when he reads his paper.
5. His hands.
6. His quite, understated genius.
7. The way he lets me be a kid.
8. The way he laughs when both of us do something silly.
9. The way he casually does things around the house.
10. His old T-shirts and the way he smells.


  1. Please stop this, it's embarrassing (do you know how long it took me to spell that correctly?!!!) to have this published for everyone to see. And that
    picture is horrific! It's an invasion of my privacy!

  2. that's soooo sweet. great list.

    Also - get me your info - you are the winner of my super awesome giveaway!

  3. Anonymous (ie FATHER) said....."I was just kidding above". I'm the proud papa and thanks for the sweet comments. Picture....aaaahhhh;.)