Tuesday, April 7, 2009


1. Morning sickness lasts all day and all night and makes you want to climb walls.
2. You might lie about your due date just a little bit, so you might appear a little smaller than what you are.
3. The thought that you have a full blown human in your stomach will amaze you, endear you and terrify you depending on the moment.
4. You will leak from everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE.
5. You will love your full body pillow at night way more than you do your husband.
6. You will count days till your sonograms and afterward will spend hours studying what to other people looks like "shadows".
7. Your baby's hiccups will bring you to tears because you will know exactly where he or she is at that very moment and exactly what they are doing.
8. You will look with amazement between your legs (as much as you can look) and think about labor "There is just no way..."
9. You will envy a non pregnant woman at least once during your pregnancy: either for her tiny, well pronounced waist or that delicious glass of wine she will hold in her hand.
10. You will smear dog poop on your stomach if only it will guarantee no stretch marks in the end.


  1. Thank you so much. Pass the blog along please if you like it.:)

  2. I really do adore my body pillow. I think my husband feels a teeny bit neglected.

  3. The leaking from everywhere (EVERYWHERE) happened to me after I gave birth. If I had stretch marks I would smear dog poop all over my belly if it was proven to work!!!!

  4. Number 5 is my favorite! Anyone who says pregnancy was the best time in their life either forgot what it really feels like or forgot all the things you CAN'T do while being pregnant. :+)

  5. I love number 3...it's how I felt the whole time being pregnant! Oh and number 8 too!