Tuesday, April 28, 2009


1. Try to restrain yourself from buying 832462 overly cute non practical outfits for your newborn. They will wear 2 of them. Really.
2. Take anything other mothers give you and thank them often.
3. Breasfeed If you can...or want to.
4. Thrift Stores. 80% of the time baby or kid clothes still has tags on them due to the #1 on my list and kids books are 50 cents a pop.
5. If you going back to work, look for a family center. They are smaller, cheaper and often so much better.
6. Write off that daycare on your taxes for a nice chunk of refund.
7. Pots and pans beat fancy toy any day.
8. Buy and sell on craigslist. You can get a $250 stroller for $70 and then sell it two years later for $50.
9. Ask your good friends to babysit for 3 hours once a month. 4 friends...you get the math. Invite them all for dinner to say "Thank you". Serve hot pockets.:)
10. Love is free.

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  1. I love this list. going to have to look into the 4 friends babysitting thing.